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We know the hardest part of achieving goals is staying motivated. Dieting, for example, is not very motivating when you have to sacrifice today for a reward that won't show itself for days or weeks later.

What you need is immediate feedback to keep motivated. So, that's what BodySpex is all about.

How Does How Am I Doing Daily Feedback Work?

Example: Weight Measurement

Select measurement for feedback

Choose filters to refine results

How Am I Doing measurement picker How Am I Doing filters

How Am I Doing charts access our entire database

How Am I Doing Chart

After filtering, your position and feedback data is automatically updated

How Am I Doing Feedback

As our database grows, we'll add more feedback data points. Additional filters, such as "goal type", "obstacle type" and "motivational type" will allow you to locate users that are more similar to you. Additonal metrics, such as "diet plan", "exercise plan", "progress" and "mood", will help you zero in on what's working and what's not.

After logging in, click How Am I Doing on the blue navigation bar. Click "activity" or "measurements" to view each chart.

Daily feedback... smarter feedback... can keep you motivated. Help our database grow. Record your daily log now. Please post a comment below.

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