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Runyon Canyon - Dog Friendly Hiking Park  

Runyon Canyon Park, in the heart of Hollywood, must be the Los Angeles basin's most popular outdoor hiking destination.  If you've never been, you're missing out on some genuine local color. Plus, it's a great workout. For directions, see this Google map for Runyon Canyon.

Walking, hiking, and working out at Runyon Canyon Park features:

  • Numerous trails to suit your cardio and fitness level
  • Heart-pumping elevation and steepness, if desired
  • It's an off-leash dog park, so bring Fido!
  • Awesome views of the city
  • People and dog watching, reputation for celebrity sightings
  • Trash cans (user-supplied doggie bags often available)
  • Couple of drinking fountains, but it is recommended to bring your own water (for you and dog)


This PDF map of Runyon Canyon shows the park with trail distances and elevation markers.  Learn the locations, names and heights of the main observation points:

  • Indian Rock 1320'
  • Cloud's Rest 1060'
  • Inspiration Point 800'

There are three entrances to the park:

  • Mulholland Drive - this entrance at the top of the canyon is the entry point from the San Fernando Valley.
  • The north end of Fuller Ave (the main entrance)
  • The north end of Vista Street

The park is open and gates are unlocked from dawn to dusk.  The park is not staffed, but there is a phone number listed on the LA parks website:

Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks
2000 North Fuller
Los Angeles, CA 90046
323-666-5046 phone
213-847-7129 fax

A set of inner gates designate the off leash areas of the park.  It's a dog heaven in mornings and late afternoons.

A variety of trail combinations are available to make your hike into a loop. Depending on your choices and speed, your workout can be 35-90 mins.  Trail quality varies from paved road, graded dirt road, to narrow hiking trails and some very steep steps and slopes.  Wear quality shoes.

Regarding parking, here's what you need to know:

  • Mulholland Drive Entrance - there is a small dirt parking lot next to the entrance.  Parking on the street is 2 hours only from 8am-8pm
  • Franklin Ave - watch out for limited parking on street sweeping days.  No parking on opposite sides of the street on Mon and Tues between 11am-2pm
  • Vista - permit parking only north of Franklin.  South of Franklin no parking after 7 pm; 2 hours only from 8am-7pm; no parking during street sweeping on opposite sides of street Mon and Tue 11am-2pm
  • Fuller - No parking due to street sweeping on Mon and Tue 12pm-3pm

Find a history of the Park and Runyon Canyon on Wikipedia

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