Pre-Cautions and Warnings

Our hardware and software system includes the BodySpex Scale and this website ("System"). Please read these Pre-Cautions and Warnings prior to using our System. Additional information regarding some of these topics may be found in our Terms of Service agreement.

BodySpex Scale

BodySpex utilizes a Tanita Corporation® body composition analysis unit in its Scale. When taking a test in the body fat test mode, this scale sends a weak electrical current through your body. Individuals who have a pacemaker or other internal medical devices should not use the BodySpex Scale in the body fat testing mode.

This device is used with bare feet. Clean the weighing platform before each use. To reduce risk of injury or malfunction, always step onto the weighing platform slowly.

Weight and Body Fat Percentage Targets

Attempting to achieve an extremely low body weight or body fat percentage can have serious health risks. You are strongly advised to consult your health professional before establishing body weight or body fat percentage targets.

Test Results and Data Feedback

Individuals with extremely high or low body fat percentages may not receive accurate body fat test results on our Scale, as they fall outside the population for which this System was developed.

Daily Positions, Rankings, graphs, charts, and other graphical and textual interpretations of data ("BodySpex Data") are provided as motivational and inspirational feedback only. BodySpex Data and Scale results do not provide an absolute gauge of health and should interpreted by a licensed health professional.

BodySpex does not dispense medical advice. Do not misinterpret data and/or data comparison as medical advice. Seek the advice of your health professional for all medical questions.

Comparison of health and fitness data among individuals can be misleading. No one should interpret any information obtained on this Site or through our System as a criticism of personal worth.

Content and Community

BodySpex does not warrant the content of exercises in the Exercise Library. Not all Exercises are suitable for all people. Some activities mentioned on this Site may be dangerous and could lead to injury or even death. Exercise good judgement and caution. Consult your health professional before attempting any exercise you may find in the Exercise Library.

Individual bodies differ and not all diets or lifestly programs are appropriate for everyone. Prior to beginning any diet or lifestyle program, including suggested daily targets or values for any Nutrition or Tracking items, seek the advice of your health professional.

Persons or entities may attempt to dispense advice and/or suggestions via various community forums offered on this Site. BodySpex does not warrant any content of the community forums.  Always consult a trusted health professional before attempting any health & fitness program.

If you have any questions or comments, we'd love to hear from you. Please Contact Us.

Last Updated: March 9, 2009

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