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Body Fat Testing Tips  

BodySpex scales utilize industry-leading Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis ("BIA") technology from Tanita┬« to measure your body composition. Like your weight, your hydration level fluctuates throughout the day. These fluctuations in your body will affect your body fat reading.

Follow these tips to achieve more accurate BodySpex body fat test results.

Tips for Accurate Body Fat Testing

1.) Test under similar conditions.
Take your BodySpex body fat test at the same time each day, at the same time after eating and/or drinking.

2.) Be properly hydrated.
BIA calculates your body fat percentage based on water content levels in your body. If you are dehydrated (or overly hydrated) your body fat reading will be affected.  Hydrate yourself (drink 8-10 ounces of water) 2-3 hours before testing.

3.) Answer all questions precisely.
The BodySpex scale uses your gender, body type, height, weight and age in calculating your body composition. A one-half of an inch discrepancy in your actual height will affect your test results. To verify the data you entered for your tests, log in to your account here at and confirm your AboutMe settings under MyAccount.

4.) Test before working out.
Exercise may dehydrate you, affecting your test results. Always test before you exercise. 

5.) Test on an empty stomach.
Undigested food in your stomach counts as additional weight, affecting your test results.

6.) Empty your bladder before you test.
By emptying your bladder, you reduce your weight allowing for more accurate body fat results.

7.) Don't test first thing in the morning.
Your limbs may take up to three hours after waking to fully re-hydrate (your body's fluids concentrate in your core when you are asleep).  For best results, hydrate yourself when you wake up and wait 3 hours before testing. Tests just after waking will generally result in body fat readings several points higher.

8.) Coffee and alcohol effect results.
Caffeine and alcohol consumption cause dehydration in your muscles, affecting your test results.

9.) Menstruation does effect test results.
Women, please be aware that your menstrual cycle effects your body's hydration and will cause fluctuations in your body fat testing. It's recommended women refrain from testing during their period to avoid erroneous measurements and misleading progress graphs.

10.) Center your feet on scale.
The scale has four points of contact with your feet. It's recommended that users step onto the scale heel first and pay attention to placing your feet on the center of all four foot pads.

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