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1,900 Calorie Meal Plan  

How much food can you eat on a 1,900 calorie diet? Below are the recommended number of daily servings of eight basic food groups for a nutritionally balanced 1900 calorie diet plan:

1,900 Calories

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6 Grain servings
5 Vegetable servings
3.5 Fruit servings
5.25oz Lean Meat/Beans
3 Non-fat Dairy servings
1/2 Seeds, Nuts serving
6 Soft Oil servings
225 cals Sweets & Cheats

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Does 1,900 calories per day meet your weight loss goal? Check your expected weekly weight change for your gender, age range, and amount of daily moderate aerobic activity on the calorie chart below.

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Serving Size Info
A Cheat?

*The meal plan and calorie chart above is based on the 2005 Dietary Guidelines. Weekly weight change values do not take into account relevant personalized factors such as height, muscle mass and overall weight. If your height and/or weight is outside "norms" your expected weight loss or gain will vary.

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