About Us

BodySpex is committed to helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. We believe that those goals are achieved incrementally, on a daily basis, and that personal motivation is the critical ingredient to success.

This website is engineered to help you generate and maintain that personal motivation.

Every day our intelligent database organizes input from multiple sources and thousands of members. When a user logs in to receive his or her daily feedback, that activity generates additional data for the next user. This feedback loop fuels our database and your personal motivation journey.

By adding Bodyspex to your program your efforts become more than just a personal health improvement. Your truthful input – no matter what happens – makes this database a more powerful resource for everyone.

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We care about your privacy. Your personal data is private and secure. Public data is anonymous.

BodySpex was formed in 2002 to address the motivational needs of persons with health and fitness goals. We create innovative programs for individuals, corporate settings and schools. We use biometric devices and the Internet to provide users with immediate and dynamic lifestyle feedback, filling the temporal reward gap inherent in dieting and exercising.

Our award-winning, easy-to-use body composition scale which measures weight, body fat percentage, lean mass, fat mass, BMI and other health metrics, is an example of one such data device. Test results are automatically uploaded to private, personal accounts on this site.

Press and Press Releases

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