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The BodySpex system is comprised of three components (our scale, web services, and database) working in concert to link health and fitness clubs with their membership. With BodySpex, you will open six (6) new communication channels to your members and prospective new clients:

  • Channel 1 - Community Host Page Host facilities are provided a promotional page in our community. This page should include contact information, directions, pictures, links, and marketing copy. Our pages are indexed by Google and all the major search engines so include key words and phrases that are descriptive of the services your facility offers. Area size: 460 px wide, 600 px tall.

  • Channel 2 - MyScale Page Your scale users are keyed to your club. This means that their personal MyScale page is co-branded with your club. Use this prime space to reach your members with seasonal promotions. Include pictures, links and text that you want your clients to know. Area size: 560 px wide, 180 px tall.

  • Channel 3 - Scale Emails This is your most valuable channel to utilize. After each scale test, the user gets an email. Entice these members to initiate contact with your staff through special offers or promotions embedded in the email. Maybe a motivational "word-of-the-week" enters them into a prize pool. You get the idea. Keep your messaging fresh by emailing BodySpex support updated copy and text links on a weekly basis.

  • Channel 4 - Scale Screens Our scale screen offers hosts the opportunity to message their clients on our full-color, touch-screen monitor. Read more about our scale advertising.

  • Channel 5 - Challenges BodySpex offers a fully customizable challenge feature. Watch the four minute video to learn how your staff can engage your membership with a BodySpex challenge.

  • Channel 6 - Off-Site Promos Maximizing client revenue is good, but reaching and acquiring new clients is better. BodySpex is happy to discuss co-sponsoring an off-site promotion for your club. We've participated in company health fairs and 10Ks. We always have a line of users for our scale and its a great way to start a conversation about what your club has to offer.

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