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Is Your Challenge Free?

Challenge Setup

Challenges are 100% free to setup. Regardless of the size of your challenge, begin by setting it up to familiarize yourself with our program. There is no risk, no obligation.

Free Challenges

All challenges with five or fewer participants, including challenge organizer, are 100% free. Even if you anticipate a large turnout during setup, but have five or fewer registered participants (including organizer) when you start your challenge, the challenge will be free. Again, there is no risk.


If you have a coupon, use it when you start your challenge and payment is requested.

Tiered Fee Structure

Challenges with more than five participants have a tiered fee structure at petty cash prices. It's just pennies per week per participant.

Below is a table of our current fee structure. BodySpex reserves the right to update our fee structure at any time. Challenges that are running, will not be affected by any price changes. Contact us for custom quotes.

Number of ParticipantsFee/WeekExample - Total Challenge Cost:
6 through 19 $0.09 10 participants, 6 weeks = $5.40
20 through 49 $0.08
50 through 99 $0.07
100 through 249 $0.06
250 through 499 $0.05
500 through 999 $0.04
1,000 - 2,499 $0.03
2,500 - 4,999 $0.02
5,000 + $0.01

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